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The integration of police and security canine assets is more than a culmination of dogs and handlers.  It is the confidence and reliability of how a canine team will perform under real world operational conditions.  At Olive Branch K9 we are committed to providing our clients with THE advantage to meet the challenges and conditions that exist in today’s domestic and global arena.     

Headquartered in Mt. Pleasant Texas, Olive Branch K9's training methodology and approach is influenced and created by current and former K-9 operators who have real world experience performing high-risk operations in some of the most austere environments around the world.     

As long as we have law enforcement officers and security professionals in the fight, Team OBK will continue to challenge ourselves to create practical and sustainable solutions for our clients.




OBK provides comprehensive solutions for domestic law enforcement agencies and private security firms.  Our Texas Peace Officer owned consultancy is comprised of personnel with a diverse background in law enforcement, security, and global high-risk operations.  We leverage the skills, experience and knowledge of our staff to ensure our clients are prepared to meet the challenges of today's dynamic operational environment.  Our expertise spans the areas of procurement, training, risk management, and advisory support.  


Team OBK adapts progressive, modern and real-world proven techniques to responsible law enforcement and private security professionals. All the training offered is fundamentals based, following the same building block progression we have used to training thousands of professionals world-wide. 

Our canines are developed, conditioned and trained using independent behavioral shaping techniques that ensure reliability under the most challenging and dynamic operational conditions.  OBK understands that public and privates security or interdiction requires unique considerations.  Not a problem!  Our team is committed to working closely with clients to provide training solutions that are tailored to meet their needs.  Some of the areas that we have leveraged our experience include, but are not limited to: 


Large Public Venues (Stadium, Concerts, Sporting Events) 

Private or Public Transportation (Arrival or Departure Points) 

Private Parcel, Cargo and Baggage Screening

Private Dwelling Narcotics Interdiction  

High-Threat Personal Protection

Long-Range Explosives Detection

High-Risk Operations (SWAT or Street Canine Deployment) 

State or National Certification Preparation




In order to provide reliable and confident assets to our clients, our canines are exposed to countless environmental situations and locations starting from the day we select/procure them into our program. They are able to work under the most austere conditions while still conforming to domestic living arrangements.  Bottom line, we meticulously develop our canines to ensure reliability, compatibility and piece of mind for the end user.